What are your plans for 2019?

What are your plans for 2019?

It is New Year’s Eve 2018. Another year draws to a close and a new one begins.

Our social media platforms are full to over flowing with all manner of tools, books, audio programs, videos, coaches and events promising ‘your best year yet’. Even the strongest and most zen of us feels the pull of the promise of a better, fitter, fuller, more exciting life – that inspiring ‘insert me here’ hero shot and ‘better sign up now’ discount drags you in. While any one of these tools have the capacity to deliver all you really need to do is ask yourself one question – ‘A year from now – December 31 2019 – where will you be?’

So begs the question then – a year from now where will you be? There is no wrong answer here, it isn’t a trick question or one that necessarily demands a detailed mind map that scopes out every possible scenario. It does need you to stop for a second and think however. As well as a time to celebrate our wins over the last year this, if nothing else, this is a time to stop and reflect. To help you along the way here are 7 thought points. I could have listed many more and I am sure you could add to this but 7 is enough to get you thinking the right way as well as leave’s you time to celebrate a little.

Thought Point 1 – Nothing is certain

The good news is when nothing is certain everything is possible. Try viewing your life with an attitude that nothing is set in stone. Once you get past the scary ‘ego’ driven reaction to having no control you will feel liberated and ironically more in control of ‘you’. If nothing is certain then you can be, do, achieve, realize absolutely anything. Wow – now that’s cool!

Thought Point 2 – What’s your top 3

What are the top 3 most important things in your life. Be clear on what your non-negotiables and make these your base point. It is these values that drive your decisions. Happiness and contentment has a lot to do with alignment of life to values so it is important to know what yours are.

Thought Point 3 – Be grateful

There have been numerous studies supporting the importance of gratitude. Having a healthy sense of gratitude is a good thing and will serve you well. While it may be hard to see sometimes even your hardest of lessons in 2018 gave you something to be grateful for. Practicing gratitude is harder than you think but is a good habit to feed.

Thought Point 4 – Be OK with uncomfortable

You have got to be okay with being uncomfortable sometimes. We fight a losing battle trying to stay comfortable and do ourselves a disservice. If i think back to all my greatest adventures they all involve a level of discomfort. Accepting being uncomfortable opens you up to new experiences.

Thought Point 5 – There’s no such thing as perfect

I have got to say it has taken me years to get my head around this one but I am now a firm believer that striving for perfection is not a noble pursuit. Life isn’t perfect – it is messy, unorganized and random. So as you roll forward into the new year remember everything does not have to be perfect. Perfection exists in your fear of making a mistake. When you are afraid of what might happen you are not open to opportunities around you and don’t always make the best choices.

Thought Point 6 – You can’t do it alone

Life is a team sport. We are social animals – it is what has kept us alive for thousands of years. Even epic solo feats of accomplishment had support from others at some point. Life is just easier when we work together. This might mean you need to rethink who you are spending time with and is in ‘your team’, however. As you map out the coming year factor in ‘your team’ whomever it may be. They will help you and you. in turn, will help them.

Thought Point 7 – Life is not about stuff

I confess over the last 2 years I have embraced minimalism. Less is definitely more. Too much stuff or an obsession with stuff creates clutter – real and psychological. With clutter comes a sense of vagueness and worse still excuses. These range from ‘ i will start when i get that thing’ to ‘ i can’t start until i have organised my things’. A great goal for 2019 would be to reduce how much ‘stuff’ you have. Go through everything and donate your excess to charity – pay it forward. The sense of space that comes from less stuff will open up your life to more opportunity.


I hope you have an amazing 2019 full of laughs, love and adventure. Fully Rad Adventures has some great events and experiences planned for the year ahead. If they fit with your plans I’d love to see you on the start line. Regardless make sure you get some adventure in your year. If you only do this one thing I can guarantee you will not be where you are today a year from now. Living an adventurous life will change you and those around you.

See you next year – Rich