Fill your life with adventures,
not things.
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Choose experiences
over possessions.
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Have stories to tell
not stuff to show.
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What is adventure?

‘An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”

Adventure is about experiencing life. It is about looking at the world from a different perspective. It is choosing to see the beauty from the ordinary and finding ways on how to do it differently. It is about treading a different path, embracing your individuality and connecting with nature.

Adventure is not just hanging off a cliff on a rope it is exploring where you are and choosing to look at it differently. It’s going on a road trip not because you want to reach a particular destination, but because the journey there would awesome! 

Adventure is thinking big about who you are. It’s about identity, life and legacy. It fosters curiosity, grit, determination and resilience. Adventure is about getting outside our comfort zone, breaking your routine and committing to the lessons we learn in the outdoors, rising to challenges and unveiling our true potential. 

Every day can be an adventure.

Get Outside

We love the outside and
want you to love it too.

Our lives today are fast-paced, technology-packed bundles of busyness. Between work, the commute, taking care of the family, cooking and cleaning, watching television, connecting on social media, and more, we’re spending an average of 90% of our time sitting down indoors. This is not good and is having a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

We believe it is time we unplugged, switched off the devices and stepped outside.


Be Rad

Being ‘rad’ is so far from cool
that it is cool!

Adventure, the outdoors and radical thinking is a growing movement. What we do is designed for that emerging wave. Our focus is on opportunity and completion – not competition. Our aim is to delight through unexpected surprises and enabling people to do their best – at whatever level that may be. Our aim also is to unite people through collective achievement and a common appreciation of the outdoors. In short we aim to WOW.

How we do this is, we believe, quite exceptional. Like our name it’s fun, it’s different. Like our name, it’s out there. Like ‘one day, someone will think up this crazy stuff and do it’ is out there. That someone is us. And that stuff isn’t always crazy. Sometimes it’s obvious. It’s just that no one has been clever enough or crazy enough or daring enough to do it before now. 

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1 day ago

Fully Rad Adventures

With the location of Wildside Adventure Race 2019 soon to be announced we thought we would take a look down memory lane

WildsideAR2014 was an epic 5 day adventure and our very first one - plenty of stories to tell from that race

Here's a collection of faces from the race - they all reflect a personal journey that only racers know

Adventure 1
Outdoor Race World Tour
Wildside Adventure Race
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Expédition or 24hrs this year?

Can’t wait Hints wouldn’t go astray

lots of smiles there Richard!

4 days ago

Fully Rad Adventures

it is time to get your Adventurethon on people - perfect way to wrap up a year of adventure or kick start your Christmas celebrationsWant to have a go but not ready to take on all three discipline or not up for the longer distances? This is why the taste option was created. To get a little taste of the sport, to make your way to the longer distances. If you're up for having a go, register for Adventurethon Demolish, Clarence Valley. Paddle, trail run or/and mountain bike.

Register here:
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it is time to get your Adventurethon on people - perfect way to wrap up a year of adventure or kick start your Christmas celebrationsImage attachmentImage attachment

5 days ago

Fully Rad Adventures

2018 AR World Champs - AvayaAvaya. 2018 AR World Champs!

#arwc2018 #arworldseries #raidinfrance #adventure #adventureracing #adventurerace #sleepmonsters
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2018 AR World Champs - Avaya
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