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not things.
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Choose experiences
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What is adventure?

‘An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”

Adventure is about experiencing life. It is about looking at the world from a different perspective. It is choosing to see the beauty from the ordinary and finding ways on how to do it differently. It is about treading a different path, embracing your individuality and connecting with nature.

Adventure is not just hanging off a cliff on a rope it is exploring where you are and choosing to look at it differently. It’s going on a road trip not because you want to reach a particular destination, but because the journey there would awesome! 

Adventure is thinking big about who you are. It’s about identity, life and legacy. It fosters curiosity, grit, determination and resilience. Adventure is about getting outside our comfort zone, breaking your routine and committing to the lessons we learn in the outdoors, rising to challenges and unveiling our true potential. 

Every day can be an adventure.

Get Outside

We love the outside and
want you to love it too.

Our lives today are fast-paced, technology-packed bundles of busyness. Between work, the commute, taking care of the family, cooking and cleaning, watching television, connecting on social media, and more, we’re spending an average of 90% of our time sitting down indoors. This is not good and is having a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

We believe it is time we unplugged, switched off the devices and stepped outside.


Be Rad

Being ‘rad’ is so far from cool
that it is cool!

Adventure, the outdoors and radical thinking is a growing movement. What we do is designed for that emerging wave. Our focus is on opportunity and completion – not competition. Our aim is to delight through unexpected surprises and enabling people to do their best – at whatever level that may be. Our aim also is to unite people through collective achievement and a common appreciation of the outdoors. In short we aim to WOW.

How we do this is, we believe, quite exceptional. Like our name it’s fun, it’s different. Like our name, it’s out there. Like ‘one day, someone will think up this crazy stuff and do it’ is out there. That someone is us. And that stuff isn’t always crazy. Sometimes it’s obvious. It’s just that no one has been clever enough or crazy enough or daring enough to do it before now. 

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Some words of wisdom from Edward O'Malley detailing what his team learned at the Sleep When You’re Dead 12hr night adventure race (9 till 9) held south of Florissant Colorado.First Race.
This is a great post on the World's Toughest Race page. I think 90% of people's first race was exactly like this! This is completely normal. I'm sure they'll be back.

Edward O'Malley - Worldstoughestrace
What I learned in my first adventure race:
This weekend my team and I entered the Sleep When You’re Dead 12hr night time adventure race. It runs from 9pm to 9am and was held south of Florissant Colorado. It was my first AR and first time really navigating beyond occasionally using a compass and map to find may way places in the winter when you can’t find the trails.
1) GO SLOW. Making a navigation error is much more costly than going really fast is a benefit.
2) The CP’s will often not be out in the open and easy to see. They will often be concealed, and you must navigate precisely to them.
3) Maps are NOT 100% reliable. Often when the map said there was a trail, there was not, or it would end 50m after you start down it. Often there were trails where the map said there were none. You must learn to know when to be confident that you know where you are, even when the map is giving you conflicting information, and to know when it really is an indicator that you made an error.
4) Revise your definition of “road” or “trail”. In the first 6 minutes of the race we came across a road that was our marker to tell us to turn to a heading of 90 to find the first checkpoint, but it did not fit what we thought of as a road and we easily dismissed it and went to another road about 150m further. This lead us to wasting more than an hour wandering around in the dark before we found the checkpoint.
5) Just because there is a fence or a locked gate in your path does not mean you need to find a different way. On the first biking leg, we headed north into the woods at our planned point and soon came to a fence. We spent a good hour trying to find another way to where we wanted to go that was not blocked by a fence before we learned that you just toss your bikes over the fence and keep going.
6) STAY TOGETHER. We had a segment late in the race when we finally had a nice fast descent on the bikes on a wide dirt road. The temptation to bomb the descent was high, and a teammate enjoying the speed blew past our nav point, and he was too far ahead to yell at and we ended up miles past and downhill from where we wanted to be…. And it required us to ride UP a bunch of technical single track instead of down it.
7) It is often very advantageous to choose the much longer, faster path than the shorter more technical path. Especially on bikes. Especially in the dark.
8) Fitness is only a benefit if your navigation is spot-on. Everyone on our team is supremely fit. We were unable to really take advantage of that fact.
GPS was used only for post-race analysis, not in the race at all. ·
This is a great post on the World's Toughest Race page. I think most of us have made these mistakes and learned these lessons. I'm sure they'll be back..
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Some words of wisdom from Edward OMalley detailing what his team learned at the Sleep When You’re Dead 12hr night adventure race (9 till 9) held south of Florissant Colorado.

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A bunch of solid AR rules there!

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