Partner with us


Fully Rad Adventures are unique in what we bring to the Australian outdoor event market.

Through our highly original events we are growing the adventure, racing and outdoor markets, creating an unparalleled opportunity for partners to align their brand with unique experiences that will be forever imprinted in the hearts and minds of participants.

We are all about strategic partners and developing a long-term relationship. We aren’t after quick fixes or casual flings. But rather we are interested in partners who share our philosophy, are aligned with our values and who genuinely want to make a difference.

We are all about creating raving fans – of our events, of the outdoors, of good wholesome experiences. As one of our key business partners you can tag along for the ride.

Fully Rad offers a chance to connect with a space and community that is a little different, not mainstream, uniquely passionate and is entering an incredible growth phase.


Why partner with us?

We offer an outdoor focused face to face opportunity and brand presence along with a range of social platforms and engagement tools.

Our events will connect partners to a large and evolving market. Our social media platforms are connected with adventure and outdoor influencers passionate about adventure and ready to engage. With a social media footprint of 10,000 we offer a unique targeted reach opportunity in the adventure, outdoor and personal development space.