Wildside Adventure Race

Wildside Adventure Race

“Taking people to the wild sides of places”

WILDSIDE is about discovery capturing the unique sites within a region but from a completely different perspective. Competitors move through the course by navigating to checkpoints on foot, mountain bike and kayak. 

They can expect to be pushed beyond their comfort zones. WILDSIDE is open to mixed, all male and all female teams and the exact course is not revealed until the morning of the race. 

Then with much anticipation teams are provided their maps and allowed to prepare for the start. All teams commence at the same time, and a set time to complete the course. Teams encounter challenges as they traverse tough landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night.

When is the next WILDSIDE?

WILDSIDE 2021 is back this October long weekend with a brand new race in North Haven, Port Macquarie. This race will be the final of the Adventure1 Mountain Designs National Series. With 8hr, 20hr and 36hr course options teams will be thrust into the forests, trails, rivers and gorges navigating through spaces rarely visited, encountering challenges, as they traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night.

This is adventure racing – you – immersed in the outdoors and focused on right now – no phone, no email, no work intray.